Safam - The Jewish-American Sound
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Safam - The Jewish-American Sound  


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Safam - The original Jewish-American concert band -- original songs, innovative arrangements and energetic presentations; creators of the Jewish-American Sound. Here's why a Safam concert is the perfect program for your organization:

Music - Original, ground-breaking songs in a broad spectrum of musical styles, including Pop, Rock, Folk, Chassidic, Israeli, Chazzanut and more. A meaningful and effective blend of the Traditional and the Contemporary in both Hebrew and English.

Themes - Timeless Jewish and universal themes reflecting the American-Jewish experience; from birth, to marriage, to the loss of a loved one. Songs of Jewish history, Torah, Jewish holidays, prayer, world events and out love of Israel.

Appeal - A Safam concert has something for everyone -- young and old, Conservative, Reform and Orthodox. Humor, warmth, pathos, and an overall heimishe atmosphere leave Safam audiences with a new sense of pride in being Jewish.

Our Professionalism And Experience - We are seasoned performers who excel at reaching our audience by means of our stage presence, our compelling vocals (three of us are Cantors) and our overall musicianship. We are easy to work with and we do everything we can to make your experience as a concert promoter a successful and fulfilling one. We provide our own sound system, instruments and sound crew. We can provide you with photos, posters, music, interviews and promotional ideas.

Fundraisers And Cultural Events - Safam concerts are tried and true success stories as either fundraisers or cultural events. Why not make a Safam concert the highlight of your programming year?

Call 617-251-8155
Mailing address Dan Funk c/o SAFAM
36 Hamlin Rd
Newton Centre, MA 02459
Safam - The Jewish-American Sound