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The Complete Collection Songbook

Safam Anthology: The Complete Collection Songbook

Since 1974, SAFAM has delighted audiences across North America and Europe with their unique style of music that has affectionately become known as "The Jewish-American sound".

Over the past three decades, their 11 highly acclaimed recordings have showcased more than 100 original songs from the group's renowned composers, Joel Sussman and Robbie Solomon.

Now, after all these years, the music and lyrics to all of Safam's original pieces have been assembled in what is certain to become the definitive song-book collection of Jewish-American music.

The complete Safam ANTHOLOGY includes:
• More than 100 original compositions
• Over 300 pages
• All original chord changes in original keys
• Several new songs not yet recorded
• Rare photos
• Anecdotes and biographical information
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Safam - The Jewish-American Sound